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Woodfield Gospel Hall

Regular Services


10:30 am Breaking of Bread.
A gathering of Christians, baptised by immersion, following the pattern of the New Testament teaching to remember the Lord Jesus as He commanded. (Letters of commendation from those who attend similar fellowships are appreciated).

12:00 noon Bible Teaching
This is a short service (30-35 minutes) where God's Word is systematically taught each week. Everyone is welcome. We serve tea and coffee from about 11:40am if you want to join us.


7:30 pm Prayer Meeting
We meet for an hour dedicated to prayer each week. On the first Tuesday each month the focus of the meeting is on missionary work and prayer God's workers in this country.


1:15 pm Parents' and Toddlers' (Term Time Only)
This is a time when parents can bring their toddlers with them to the Gospel Hall, to share a time of friendship with the Christians who meet here.