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Who Are We?

The History

Elim Hall
The old building, known as Elim Hall

The building was originally located at King's Road and was known as Elim Hall. That site is now part of the Harrogate Conference Centre. In 1974 the new building was erected on its present site, and known as Woodfield Gospel Hall. It serves as a meeting place for those who wish to worship God and to share their faith with others. Its doors are open to any who wish to know God for themselves through His Word, the Bible, and to find the answer to every need in the Lord Jesus Christ.

A picture of Woodfield Gospel Hall
The current building - Woodfield Gospel Hall

The People

The People come from many walks of life and each seeks to contribute their particular gift in the service and work of the Assembly, under the guidance of Elders. We look for opportunities to encourage and help each other and to be involved in the community needs of the area, from those of young children to Senior Citizens.